5 Unusual Pool Maintenance Tips Experts Never Told You About


The home swimming pool may be the best investment you’ve ever made, but they are also very high maintenance. Regular pool cleaning and maintenance is the only way to keep your pool clean, safe and long-lasting. The importance of chemical balancing and cleaning is immense, but fortunately, it’s surprisingly easy to keep your pool in shape during the summer.

What can make pool maintenance even easier are a couple of unusual, even surprising tips that expert pool cleaning companies don’t often share with their customers. These tips can help you save time, money and effort on pool maintenance during the hottest season.

Read on to find out about a few pool maintenance tips you probably would have never thought to use.

Use Baking Soda

One of the most common products used to maintain the pool pH levels is the alkalinity increaser sold throughout numerous specialty stores. However, did you know that baking soda is an equally effective and more than an affordable solution for the same issue? You can ask an expert or browse through sites like Quora to find out how much baking soda you need for a pool of your size.

Keep the Tile Lines Clean

The dirt, debris, and residue around the pool usually stick around the water and tile lines. Cleaning these lines at least once a week will keep your pool cleaner longer, as the dirt from the surrounding tiles won’t get washed or brought into the pool. Cleaning this area every week will decrease the calcium buildup. While you’re at it, don’t forget to keep the walkways and patios around the pool cleaner to prevent the dirt from contaminating the water.

Use Tennis Balls to Collect Dirt

Leaves, branches, dirt and other debris aren’t the only things that can contaminate your pool water. Sun lotion and various body oils also get washed off from our bodies while we’re enjoying the pool and can make the water appear very dirty. To collect this type of dirt, toss in a few tennis balls into the pool and they will attract all the extra skin products and chemicals. You can leave the tennis balls in the pool at all times, or toss them in once you’re done swimming for the day.

Keep Your Pets Out

This one’s quite self-explanatory, yet many pet owners let their furry friends roam the pool freely. And while you definitely don’t have to worry about cats, dogs are known for their love of water. But having your pup swimming in the pool is bad both for you and him. The chlorine in the water is known to irritate their skin. On the other hand, you will be spending more time cleaning the dog hairs from the pool filters than actually enjoying the pool. But your pet is a part of your family, and if you just can’t stand to watch him on the side of the pool with its sad eyes and are willing to go the extra mile to clean up after them, keep the chlorine levels under 3.0 PPM to avoid irritating their skin.

Use a Bucket to Track Water Loss

It’s normal to lose some of the pool water during the summer, as both humidity and temperature play a part in the water loss rate. But if your pool loses more than a quarter inch of water daily, there might be something wrong, like a leak in the pool. To measure how much water you lose, place a bucket with some weight in it on the pool stairs and mark the water level at night. That way you can measure how much water you’ve lost during the day. If there’s a significant loss, call a reputable pool repair company right away, as leaky pools can cause quite a mess on your property.

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