5 Most Stressful Things About a Move


More often than not, families preparing to move to a new house have no idea where to begin. To help combat any worst case scenarios, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 most stressful things about a move. Let’s get started!

  1. Getting everything packed and unpacked. Deciding to move is a monumental decision in its own right and first on the checklist after that is packing up your life. One of the most, if not thee most stressful aspect of a move is fitting everything into boxes. What goes and what stays becomes increasingly difficult as the task unfolds. Parting with items that hold sentimental value is tough. On the opposite end, seeing that mountain of boxes to be unpacked is every bit as daunting. One box at a time has always been my approach. Making stressful tasks as fun and as step by step as possible is the key to success. If the task is far too daunting, consider working with a well-reviewed local mover.
  2.  Once the boxes are filled to the gills, you have to get them to your new home.  Doing this without professional help is a struggle in most cases. If you’ve decided against hiring a company like to do the deed for you, be prepared for a long, sweaty day. Enlisting the help of friends, with big trucks preferably, is your best option. As many boxes in as few trips as possible is the goal. Regardless of the commute, efficiency is key. Start early and allow yourself as much time as possible to knock this step out seamlessly.
  3. Staying in line with the packing and unpacking stress is a piece not prevalently   thought of, collecting important documents. The last thing a person wants to leave behind during a move is vital personal documents. Birth certificates, financials, social security cards and passports should be gathered and put in safe keeping for your move. Even the thought of forgetting one of these is unnerving. My advice; round these up first and take them to the new home ASAP.
  4. Once you’ve successfully moved out of the old house and you’re into the new, it’s time for the first stressful task, furniture! A big, empty house isn’t going to furnish itself and acquiring all the necessary pieces is no small order. Depending on how much furniture you’ve brought from your previous home, each room is going to need ample decor. Focus on one room at a time and your unique, personalized touch will add that home sweet home feel in no time!
  5. Finally, and quite possibly most stressful, is leaving friends and family. A move is rough on each family member; parents have to adjust to new coworkers, kids have to make new friends, animals have to acclimate to new surroundings.    These big changes aren’t easy and must be taken in stride. Good things take time and new relationships will blossom, however the initial stress is quite a    burden. Take the time to pick out the best school district, enroll your children in group activities and sports and the transition will be far less painful.

Now that we’ve covered the 5 most stressful things about a move, hopefully yours goes as smooth as possible! Good luck and happy move!

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