4 Reasons Why Concrete Water Tanks Are The Best Solution


Due to the strict controls currently in Australia regarding water storage and additional space becoming less and less, it is important to get the best solution if you intend to store rainwater, store drinking water or build a sewage system and a concrete water tank may offer the solution you are looking for. As well as being strong and durable, it offers many other additional advantages over its nearest competitor. Let’s talk about some of those advantages here.

  1. Really Affordable – If you are considering plastic, aluminium or concrete, concrete will always come out on top for its affordability. Concrete is available and is in abundance almost everywhere, and it costs very little. Its easy to deliver, and if you decide to mix it up yourself, this is also very easy. It can also be shaped into the size that you want, and also built with your available space in mind. If there is an obstruction in the ground that can’t be removed like a large boulder, then the tank can be constructed around it very easily.

  1. Very Strong – Water tanks, due to being made from concrete, are incredibly strong and durable. Most, if not all tanks, will last you for fifty years or more, and most manufacturers of this kind of storage tank in Australia, will guarantee their tank and work for up to twenty five years. In all likelihood, the tank can be made to last up to one hundred years, if required. When you compare that to the expected lifetime of a plastic or aluminium water tank, concrete is the best option by far.

  1. Cooler Water – It is well known that concrete water tanks help to keep your water cooler inside. They are not prone to hot spots, and so keep the temperature of the water at a constant cool temperature. Because the water is so cool, it means that algae and other bacterias find it really difficult to grow inside, and this means safer, better water for you and your family. The concrete also helps with the acidity of the water, due to the lime from the concrete, helping to neutralise it.

  1. Extra Space – A concrete water tank can be placed over or under the ground, depending on your requirements. If space isn’t something that you have a lot of, then an underground concrete water tank is perfect. You can install a concrete lid on top and use this newly created space, to put your BBQ or build a small patio area where you can relax. The concrete tank acts as a kind of organic filtering system, which means no bad smells or rust. Believe it or not, but concrete water tanks actually improve the taste of your water and keeps it cool straight from the tap.

Concrete water tanks are the natural solution for all your water needs, whether it is for domestic, business or agricultural uses. It offers a very low cost, yet long lasting solution, and is the modern way to store water. We have been storing water in concrete for hundreds of years, with no ill effects, and this is why you need to seriously consider this excellent water storage solution.

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