3 Reasons to Choose Corporate Housing


For a large corporation, allocating funds to employees for the purpose of travel or relocation can be a nightmare. For a bigger company, the headaches of finding hotels for a whole team of their employees can be daunting and potentially cost them more money trying to find appropriate housing.  For an employee, staying in a hotel for more than one night is uncomfortable and not an ideal long-term situation. Neither party wants to be stuck with these unnecessary stresses or costs of travel.

The choice of corporate housing is mutually advantageous. It is a more ubiquitous option than extended-stay hotels and far cheaper than a standard hotel. St. Louis, Missouri has a slew of options available and corporate housing is no exception.  A bustling metropolis St. Louis attracts business from across the United States and worldwide.

Corporate Apartments Are Cheaper Than Hotel Rooms

Corporate housing is a known cheaper alternative to hotels and extended-stay hotels.  According to the Corporate Housing Providers Association, corporate apartments cost an average of $150 per day in comparison to a hotel room in St. Louis, which is anywhere from $170 to $200 a night.  Prices, of course, depend on where the location is.  Typically, the bigger the city, the more expensive rates are going to be.

Corporate Housing Saves Money on Meals

A corporate apartment provides more than a hotel room, coming fully furnished and equipped with a kitchenette.  The ability to cook at the apartment cuts the cost meals drastically.  Although the apartments do not have the feature of a continental breakfast that a hotel provides, a long-term stay will end up saving money.  Employees will have cheaper groceries with more options for meals, meaning better portions, less waste, and fewer finances spent of tips and services.  Especially in a larger city like St. Louis where restaurants can be expensive, this is an ideal option.

Corporate Housing Provides More Space

An average hotel room is about 300 to 500 square feet, offering one to two beds, and usually one large room or an interconnected suite.  Although provided, furniture in a hotel room is often formal and businesslike.  A corporate apartment is 700 to 1800 square feet, fully furnished with high quality furniture and a homey atmosphere. Often times, a corporate apartment will have more than one bedroom and a larger living room area with more amenities, like high speed internet, washer and dryer, and long-distance calling.

For business travelers and corporate employees staying in St. Louis, MO, corporate housing is a premium choice.  Long-term stays don’t feel like a chore or hassle when staying in a corporate apartment, it feels like a home-away-from-home. With the added kitchenette and large living space, a corporate apartment will save money and feel more comfortable than a hotel room every time.

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